courier service

In the world of eCommerce, one of the first goals is to reach a minimum number of shipments in a given period. When this happens, it’s important to start exploring Courier Service options to optimize shipping processes and therefore revenue. But how do you know if you are making the right decision?

Start knowing your options

The first thing you should do is know the courier service options that could be viable for you according to your needs. For this, you can investigate the characteristics of the main packages.

You can also consider among your options certified companies for shipping management, so you can have a broader vision of the characteristics that will satisfy your needs.

Once you have a clear idea of ​​the options that exist, you can make a thoughtful decision about who can best meet your needs. Now, to learn more about these options, we propose some points to consider before signing a courier service contract:

Minimum of shipments in courier service

At this point, you should already have an idea of ​​the number of monthly shipments you make on a fixed basis. This information is very important since when signing a contract, one of the main factors is whether there is a minimum number of shipments per month. Even if all the other factors are convenient for you, if you cannot reach that minimum established by the courier service of your choice, it is very likely that you will have to make up the difference yourself, which can result in economic losses for your business.

Packaging materials

Now, another important point to consider is whether the parcel in question provides or includes in its services the packaging materials that your product needs. Keep in mind the materials that it includes in case you need to complete a specific element from your pocket and thus you will be able to contrast what they offer you with what you need and how much it would be convenient for you or not to create a commercial link.

Collect and trace

One of the required questions when making a decision is whether the courier service has a collection and tracking of shipments. Failure to do so, although it is more efficient in your numbers, the reality is that it could mean a significant waste of time and effort, especially when talking about harvesting.

Regarding tracking, it is of great importance that both you and your customers have knowledge at all times about the status of your shipment. This way you can more easily identify if there is a problem that requires your attention and your customers will feel more comfortable buying with you, so they are more likely to repeat a purchase.

Loss of shipment

Similarly, the more stopovers your package makes, the more likely it is to get lost. Many times this is the result of very large volumes of shipments to a specific destination and, as the location of your package is solved, your client will need a response to their purchase.

Insurance and guarantees

Most courier service, in addition to the facilities offered in logistics and operation, also have insurance and guarantees that allow you to have the security of the times established in the contract; as well as the correct handling of your merchandise and even the way to proceed in case of mishandling or failure in the operational process.

Carefully review each of the commitments of both parties to the contract. If you have any questions about the coverage of the guarantees they are offering you or the scope of the services, do not limit yourself and ask, remember that it is about finding an option that saves you time, effort, and money.