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The back pain of those who drive for work

The back pain of the driver, for those who drive a vehicle for work and who spend a third of their life sitting on this means of transport, means really paying close attention to many, many details.

It is well known that drivers who get sick with back pain really take a long time to heal (when they can), due to the fact that the body is continually subject to harmful vibrations.

But let’s go into more detail.

The usual guidelines for managing back pain in this situation do not help us.

In fact, the driver’s back pain is a very particular back pain with precise characteristics.

It shows up after a while you are driving.

The apex of pain is felt when, after being seated for a long time, you get up.

This happens because being on a vehicle such as a bus, a truck, a tram means being subjected to harmful vibrations that pour into our body.

According to the most recent studies on this topic, it could be concluded that all companies that manage transport on trucks, buses, trams, etc. should create intervention plans focused on the prevention of back pain!

Vibrations cause bus back pain syndrome: let’s see how!

To better clarify why vibrations cause the driver’s back pain syndrome we need to make a preamble and explain the protective mechanisms of the muscle:

The muscles near the spine have the function of supporting us.

Back pain when it is not caused by hernias or much rarer causes is caused by the suffering of these muscles, or rather, by their contracture.

As a result, sitting driving a bus or taxi increases the occurrence of back pain because the vibrations stimulate the muscle that constantly contracts, causing pain and inflammation.

This happens because a muscle subjected to vibrations undergoes changes in its function.

It becomes unable to respond to posture imbalances as it does while driving.

We have been holding this data for a short time because the study on the  RESPONSE OF MUSCLES TO VIBRATIONS  dates back to 2017.

So what else creates back pain in the driver?

In reality, it’s not just the vibrations that need to worry a driver. It is true that they are the trigger for pain but are there other things to watch out for?

Here are all the risk factors for driver’s back pain:

  • vibrations:  these are the major cause of back pain
  • cold: cooling the back muscles exposes you to sharp pains and blockages.
  • psychosocial stress:  feeling bad in the workplace, being unhappy, and often tired is a factor that predisposes to back pain
  • sport:  not practicing a sport constitutes an aggravating circumstance and favors the onset of low back pain.

Tips to avoid this Back Pain

There are some simple tricks that every driver can make in their daily life to improve their condition and avoid getting sick from bus back pain and they are:

1: Practicing a sport that includes at least 2 weekly workouts in order to remove the muscles from a potentially harmful inactivity

The more the muscles are kept “warm”, the more elastic they are.

A good way to make your muscles more elastic is to train them often.

For this reason it is good for those who work sitting on a vehicle to practice a sporting activity that moves the back muscles in a gentle way.

Even going for a run can have some back benefits, although frankly I would get there step by step!

2: Check if your lifestyle is adequate

Lifestyle is absolutely essential when we want to achieve a well-being of our body.

We do not think only of psychological satisfaction which is also fundamental.

Let’s think, for example, of the level of tiredness. Getting a good number of hours of sleep is essential for muscle well-being.

When we sleep less, we give our bodies little time to recover, so watch out for adequate sleep.

Everything about the hobbies that we can have is also essential for muscle control of the back.

If you love gardening, it means that you are forced to bend over to work in the vegetable garden or in the garden, so be careful not to overdo it!

3: Keeping your back warm helps!

Heat is a friend of the back, this is now known.

It goes without saying that if we are subjected to thermal changes when we work these are not doing too well.

It immediately makes me think of the summer periods in which bus drivers are barricaded inside with air conditioning!

The driver, however, opening and closing the door has continuous thermal changes that make his muscles suffer.

A good solution is to keep the internal climate set to a maximum of 5 degrees below the external temperature in order to reduce the overhang and make it more tolerable.

Another good idea is to use the bodice under the shirt so as not to get cold and keep the back always at the same temperature.

4: Perform maintenance osteopathy sessions to reset joint discomfort and physiotherapy to reduce muscle inflammation

Obviously, having your back checked from time to time is the best way to prevent this problem from disappearing.

The cause that often generates this pain is an alteration in a posture that must be kept functional and healthy! Posture and a thousand ailments: how to avoid them

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