The transport sector is a sector of great importance in our country. Companies capable of importing and exporting goods are required, of moving them from one place to another in the country. To carry out all these activities, different types of companies and professional figures are required: from transporters to driver, and so on.

In this post, from Chris Shilling Transport Training, our academy for professional transporters, we want to tell you some of the most relevant details of drivers. We will talk about what a transport operator is, what its functions are, how to obtain the title, what are the differences between a transport operator and drivers.

What is a Transport operator or driver’s?

What is a transport operator or driver? Many have heard of this concept but do not know exactly what it is. A transport operator is a natural or legal person who acts as the owner of a company that is legally qualified and authorized to carry out any type of contract related to the transport of goods, a company that acts as an organizer of shippers, porters, etc.

Its main activities are the following:

  1. Transport agency : intermediation in the contracting of transport services.
  2. Freight forwarder : customs procedures.
  3. Warehouseman : activity focused, as its name suggests, on functions related to warehousing.

What are your functions in a company?

The main functions of transport operators or driver are as follows:

  1. They establish the routes: the transport operators are in charge of deciding which routes the carriers should take, trying to optimize time and resources.
  2. They negotiate the rates: another of the functions to highlight of a transport operator within a company is that it is in charge of negotiating the rates of each itinerary, always taking into account the costs.
  3. Loading and unloading: the transport operator is also responsible for reserving the space in which the loading and unloading of the goods will take place.
  4. Budgets and invoices: they are responsible for preparing budgets and invoices for the activities carried out within the company.
  5. Documentation: in general, they are in charge of much of the documentation of imports and exports.

What is the transport operator card?

The transport operator card is the documentation that authorizes transporters to transport the merchandise and other actors in the sector to carry out their activities, actors such as transport agencies, stockists, distributors, logistics operators, and so on.

This authorization enables these professionals to mediate in the contracting of national and international transport.

It is mandatory except in the following cases:

What qualifications do I need to be a driver?

To be a transport operator, it is necessary to obtain the following qualification: Professional Competence for the transport of Premium Goods .

This title to be a transport operator  is mandatory for owners of Public Service authorizations with more than 3,500 kg of MMA, as established by the Land Transport Regulation Law.

To obtain this degree, it is an essential requirement to have a Bachelor’s degree or another equivalent degree.
The duration of the course is 100 hours and it is possible to do it online.

To obtain it, you will have to study that deal with the following topics: private law, carrier as a commercial entrepreneur, social law, tax law, commercial and financial management of the company, access to the market, operating and technical standards, and road safety.

Differences between carrier and transport operator

In the introduction of the post, we already told you that it is a transport operator. As we have mentioned, it is a natural or legal person in charge of a company that carries out activities related to the transport sector, while a carrier is any natural or legal person who owns a company dedicated to the transport of goods by road and who has of vehicles that allow you to carry out the transports and of the titles required by current legislation.

We hope that this post has resolved the main doubts about transport operators. Remember that in Chris Shilling Transport Training academy have been training professionals in the transport sector for a long time and we offer our students a large number of courses to provide them with a promising future. If you are interested in any of our courses to be a transport manager, transport operator, truck driver, etc.… contact us! We will give you all the information you need.