Glass Doors

For maximum security at home, glass doors always recommend using safety glass on glass doors. These safety glasses will help us to feel safe inside our house against possible theft and intrusions, but they also ensure maximum protection against blows or breakages, minimizing any type of cut due to their breakage.

Security in our home should be reinforced in those most sensitive points, such as glass doors and windows. Using good glass is a fundamental decision and choosing a security window or door over a standard one makes all the difference.

For example, most security windows are covered with polyurethane, which provides added security, and has special protection against punctures. In addition, the number of internal locks is much higher and the multi-chamber frame has contains a steel reinforcement that makes it practically impossible to pry. But if there is something that differentiates it, it is the glass doors and its quality. Having a safety glass is what is really going to guarantee tranquility in our home. These glasses for glass doors have various levels of security, among which we highlight the following.

Level A Glass Doors

  • Level A is the lowest and is recommended for offices, weekend homes, second homes, etc.

level B Glass Doors

  • We recommend level B for those houses where there is a greater risk of theft. Also for homes that are in more conflictive areas or for businesses in which there are valuable products to protect.

Level C Glass Doors

  • Level C, for maximum protection, when we need it to be bulletproof.

We must try to choose the type of glass that best suits our specific case since it is essential that we feel comfortable in our home. Currently, there are various types of needs that will make us choose one type of safety glass or another.

Thus, for each of these types, there is a specific class of glass where they can be included. On the one hand, we can talk about the safety of use, which is a glass for buildings, with the characteristics reflected. On the other hand, anti-aggression safety glass, ideal for construction and It has the safety characteristics as stipulated in standard. Bulletproof safety glass, for its part, is subject to the standard. And finally, the anti-explosion safety glass, included in the standard.

In this sense, when we refer to security within our home, we are not only referring to possible external aggressions, but also to the problems that may arise from the daily use of it. The security of our crystals protects us against breakage. With higher quality, we can minimize any type of damage.

They offer glass for safety glass doors that will allow you to reinforce the protection against external agents and will prevent cuts and injuries in case of breakage. It has laminated and tempered safety glass.

Laminated glass door glasses, which are made with a transparent plastic sheet inside, will offer a lot of protection to the glazing. In addition, if reinforced protection is required, it is possible to request the placement of two sheets instead of one, thereby increasing its resistance. This type of glass reduces the risk of injury in the event of breakage since the crystals adhere to the sheet instead of falling, which is why it is highly recommended for walkways or high places.

For its part, tempered glasses are designed to resist impacts, and in case of breakage, they also reduce the risks of cuts, by not generating small pieces of glass.

Choosing the right glass for your doors and windows is essential to guarantee maximum security in your home. No one better than a trusted installer will recommend what type of glass best suits your needs. The model, the resistance, or the thickness are some of the doubts that will be solved before your choice