Bathroom Renovation

In this article we try to offer you some ideas or tips to Bathroom Renovation without expensive and annoying works.If what you need is a complete reform of the bathroom, before you do it, our advice is to go to a Bathroom Renovation Company .

But, here and now we want to give you some job ideas for remodeling and changing your bathroom that if you are a handyman you can do them easily and without spending a lot of money.Let’s get down to business … let’s see 7 ideas or tips to Bathroom Renovation without spending too much and that you can do by yourself.

1.- Golden Touches In Your Bathroom Renovation :

Change your current faucets and find and install faucets, mirrors, toilet roll holders, etc., with metallic touches such as gold or silver and without a doubt, it will make your Bathroom Renovation seem more luxurious.

2.- Installation Of Vinyl Type Tiles :

The installation of this type of tiles has the advantage of being adhesive, you can stick them on top of the existing tiles and they are easily cut out, since you can do it with a simple cutter.If you need to know how many tiles you will need, you can use our tile calculator for walls or ceilings .

Bathroom Renovation

3.- Paint Walls And Ceiling :

When we paint a room, the initial effect is of spectacular change and, as it could not be less, using the paint in your bathroom will make it look like another bathroom.If your tiling reaches half a wall, play with different shades of paint for the part of walls and make them different from the ceiling.

4.- Paint The Bathroom Tiles :

In the previous point we talked about painting walls and ceilings, in this case, you can choose to paint the tiles on the walls of your bathroom. To do this, he uses special enamel paint to paint tiles.Painting the bathroom tiles will give you surprising results and it will be a very economical option to renovate your bathroom economically, you will also have the option of combining colors to your liking and for this you will not have to be a handyman, it is something that you can easily do, so go ahead.

5.- Paint The Tiling Joints :

Much simpler and cheaper than painting the bathroom tiles. With painting the joints of the tiles you will also have very surprising results, you can also do both, paint the tiles in one color and with another to highlight the tile joints.

Bathroom Renovation

6.- Change The Bathroom Furniture :

If the above seems complicated to you, another option to give a new air to your bathroom is by Renovation the furniture.Investing in new bathroom furniture does not necessarily have to be expensive and you can do the assembly yourself.The simple fact of changing the sink cabinet or changing the mirror, or storage furniture for the bathroom, that not only will you change your bathroom but you will always have it tidy.

7.- Lighting Is Also A Factor In Bathroom Renovation :

With the bathroom lighting we can also play. Normally we will have two points of light, the ceiling and the mirror. Clearly we must opt ​​for LED lighting.Not only, changing the lighting will have a nice effect, but we also go hand in hand with energy savings, so important these days. With the lighting you can also play with the decoration of your bathroom .

Just to tell you, that having optimal lighting in your bathroom and low consumption will make the relaxing time that will be in your bathroom as comfortable and enjoyable.