Locks sometimes break. It happens. Decided to repair or think about installing a new generation of locks? You have come to the right site, the locksmith service will perform any work related to the installation and repair of locks.

We provide the following carpentry services :

  • installation of interior doors ;
  • installation of metal doors ;
  • installation of overhead locks;
  • installation of locks cut into metal doors;
  • installation of locks cut into wooden doors.


  • repair of locks;
  • replacement of the lock without the insert and with insert.

When do you need to install locks or replace them?

We think we have the most reliable locks, but whatever you do, they break from time to time. To avoid unpleasant accidents, make sure that the locks are installed on time. You should also consider replacing the lock if you have moved into a rented apartment.

Stuck the lock or just very old, replace it in a timely manner, especially since the installation of locks does not take long and in the Service House has an affordable price.

The service of installation of locks also includes consultation of the joiner, the master will help to pick up the most suitable lock, considering features of a door and a location.

Installation of locks in the door

Installation of locks is modern and reliable, requires experience and knowledge of the lock device. In addition, the installation of locks is impossible without special tools and calling the wizard in the locksmith service, you do not have to look for everything you need. Carpenters are equipped with tools for working with locks and doors of various types.

Installing locks in wooden doors is a little easier and faster than installing locks in metal. Accordingly, prices vary.

Overhead and mortise locks are installed in the front door.

Invoices are installed on the door from the inside. Installing overhead locks is a simple process that can’t be said about embedded locks.

Mortise locks are placed in the door leaf – this installation of locks is called inset. Installation of mortise locks is most suitable for metal doors, because in wooden doors due to the cut slightly reduces the reliability of the door leaf.

Replacing the lock is not always necessary, you can do and replace the core – and the price is lower, and fewer worries.

Replacing the lock core instead of reinstalling the lock?

Most types of locks, with the exception of levers, can be completely unchanged if the lock is jammed or the key is stuck in it, as well as if the keys have been stolen or lost. In such cases, it is enough to replace the core – only the necessary elements are changed in the lock, and the lock is installed back.

Repair of door locks

Most often, the repair of locks is associated with the same core of the lock, but sometimes you have to repair or replace the entire mechanism. In order not to break the lock at all, remember that the repair requires special skills.

Installation of locks, replacement and repair of locks – order a master

We will not convince you that the installation of locks should be performed by a professional locksmith. If you value your time and nerves, then, without hesitation, consult a master locksmith. It is better to call a locksmith before buying a lock, the master will help you choose a lock and tell you when the lock can not be completely changed, and replace only the core.

To order a locksmith, you can call or use the order form on the website.

The masters of the locksmith service have many years of experience in installing and repairing locks. They do everything efficiently and quickly.

Installing locks with locksmith service is professionalism at affordable prices.

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