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The profession of a locksmith is not only manual labor, but also a body of knowledge about mechanisms, perseverance and attentiveness . It will take a lot of time and effort to become a true professional in your field. The activity of locksmiths is in demand and is needed in all spheres of life, from everyday life to large-scale industries.

Locksmith services are in great demand in industries and among the population. Their main function is to mount and dismantle mechanisms , test and debug them.

The work performed by locksmiths of various specializations also includes cutting, filing and bending of metal, threading, scraping and much more. Locksmiths are sure to take part in the manufacture of various equipment.

Repairmen locksmiths ranks

The level of professionalism of a locksmith is measured by his grade. With increase in the category, the degree of complexity of the work performed and the salary also increase.

Depending on the specialization of the employee, the number of categories may vary, but basically there are only 6 of them. All requirements for obtaining a category are spelled out.

The test consists in passing the theory and at least three practical tasks, the so-called “test”. It is important for a locksmith to shor who quickly, accurately and well he can perform the assigned tasks. In addition to the result itself, you must fully demonstrate your skills.

To protect each new discharge, you need to work on the previous stage for some time. In the presence of education, the term of working off is halved.

First rank The first category includes locksmiths who know how to handle simple locksmith tools . This category may not be officially designated, it is awarded to each specialist at the initial stage of work.

Second rank To obtain the second category, the employee must be able to manufacture and repair devices with little difficulty on his own. It is necessary to learn how to work with some pneumatic and electric locksmith tools.

Third rank The third stage requires the ability to use lifting mechanisms and transport . The manufacture and repair of devices is of medium complexity.

Fourth rank For the fourth category, you need to be able to work with rigging mechanisms and complex equipment , correctly draw up a repair sheet .

Fifth rank The fifth step is the ability to assemble and disassemble all types of equipment and assemblies.

Sixth rank To obtain the sixth grade, a locksmith must be able to check equipment, identify and troubleshoot any kind of malfunction , and have an idea of ​​working with special equipment.

Pros and cons of working as a locksmith

As in any activity, this profession has unconditional pros and cons. pros Demand All new mechanisms are put into operation , equipment is being developed. Appliance maintenance always requires skilled workers, so finding a suitable location is easy. Decent salary Wages rise with the rise in grade. The opportunity to find a part-time job The locksmith can do repair work on his own, leaving for calls .

This can be both the main income and a part-time job in your free time. The ability to quickly master the profession You can get the first grade and get started quickly enough . Vocational schools offer short training periods for this profession (from 1 year). You can also master a profession in production, without special training in educational institutions.

A wide range of highly specialized specializations Each employee will be able to choose exactly the specialization that suits him best or that production needs.


Irregular working hours The locksmith’s activity time depends on equipment breakdowns . You need to be ready to work in the evenings, on weekends and for overtime. The profession does not belong to the clean Repairs of various kinds are often carried out in mud . Fuel oil can not only stain clothes, but also eat into the skin of the hands, it is not always easy to wash it.

Great physical activity Work is associated with constant physical activity . The work of a locksmith is hard work. Difficult working conditions, health hazard Working in production and with various materials, if neglected, can harm health .

Many manual manipulations and work with a locksmith’s tool are also dangerous. It is important to be very attentive, patient and careful to avoid injury. Dependence on the number of clients If a locksmith works privately, his salary depends entirely on the number of applications .