Hand on heart: When you hear the word mobile service, like most people, two sentences come into your head: “No, I’d rather not. I will save money! “Unnecessary additional costs. But a moving service not only costs less than is usually assumed but also saves you something: namely, your nerves.

Friends as mobile helpers – advantages and disadvantages

Anyone planning a private move should first think of family and friends when it comes to providing assistance. Pizza and a few beers are usually accepted as compensation for this. And that’s why you close your eyes when half the helpers are late for the move. The boxes and boxes you’ve tucked your chances into are stolen from friends, at the supermarket, and on exchange platforms on the Internet, you can borrow a van from a local sports club for a full tank of fuel, a trailer from a hardware store and do the rest of your friends ’cars. Low financial expenses, maximum yield – this is a popular opinion.

But what if the dresser is loaded into the trunk of your friend’s new car, the trunk lid is scratched? Or worse: one of your helpers can no longer hold the dresser, and the modern new vehicle is decorated with a deep recess? Who is responsible for the damage?

The legal situation is as follows: Since your family and friends do not pay for the move, they do you a favor. If something goes wrong, the personal responsibility of the helper must compensate you – if the person in question has the appropriate insurance policy. If someone is injured, you only have to respond if, for example, you personally caused the fall.

There are other moves besides the moves of a normal private household. Maybe you are an art collector and want your treasure to be transported safely. Moving offices and transporting valuable or antique pieces of furniture are also less likely to fall into the friendship category. International removals and filling of freight containers are also more likely cases for relocation. So what exactly can you expect from a moving company?

Moving companies: What services are offered?

The list of services you can book with a moving company is very long and ranges from installing or selling packaging materials, packing moving boxes, and dismantling pieces of furniture (including kitchen furniture) to loading into a van or truck and the transport itself. , unloading and assembling furniture in a new home, as well as clearing boxes or storing closets. 

This is called a turnkey move. Some companies also offer cleaning and painting of a new or old apartment. They take care of parking permits and signs of prohibited parking if special equipment is used during your move or provide storage if you do not want to take everything with you. With the service of moving abroad, everything regarding customs and import fees can be arranged for you.

Avoid making mistakes when hiring a moving company

Finding a mobile service is easy: through ads in local newspapers, on the recommendation of friends, or on the Internet. There are several homepages that specialize in searching for moving companies and where you will see moving companies in your region after entering some information. To be able to filter reputable companies from results, you should already pay attention to a few things when entering data. This list also applies if you want to call individual moving companies and get offers:

  1. Think in advance what job you want or can do and what you will hand over to professionals. This is called a building system. Make a list of your activities and the activities of the moving company and a list of items you want to take with you. Create inventory. How many pieces of furniture are there? Measure them. Is there a mirrored door? This list is very important, especially when it comes to a special move, such as moving an office, piano, or transporting art objects.
  2. Enter complete start addresses and destinations.
  3. Be sure to complete the furniture and packaging list truthfully. Large pieces of furniture that cannot be disassembled need more hands to move. If you don’t specify this, the moving company may send you too few people and a piece of furniture cannot be loaded. The more accurate you are, the more accurate the removal service is. And the cost estimate is all the more accurate. Precise and honest planning can save you money. So under no circumstances should you hide valuable tricks or your piano.
  4. Book the desired additional services that you have put on your list from the very beginning.

How to find a reputable moving service?

If you have in front of you the offers of several moving companies, look at them carefully and compare in peace.

  1. Are the dates and days correct? Are the street names correct? Is your name spelled correctly? Does the offer include a phone number for inquiries? Even with these little things, you can know who is serious about the offer.
  2. Are all the things you need included in the offer? Is everything on your relocation service list written on paper?
  3. How many hours does the relocation service estimate? If the travel time from your current apartment to your new home is four hours, and the total working time is given five hours, then something may be wrong.
  4. Gasoline costs may not be specifically stated in the offer. But the way from the company headquarters to your apartment and, if necessary, the stairs if your house does not have an elevator.
  5. If one company is much cheaper than another, then you should be confused. Unfortunately, this often means that employees are not employed, i.e. they are not registered and are not insured. In your own interest, you should get your hands off it.
  6. If you do not understand something in the offer, you have the right to ask. Even if you want to know if all employees are registered and insured or exactly how it works with transporting your piano. If the moving company doesn’t want to comment, then something is wrong.
  7. If you would like to change your first offer, as you have now decided that the move should take care of the parking ban restrictions, send you a new offer and read this in detail.
  8. A moving company that doesn’t schedule an on-site meeting is also not serious. Because a good relocation service studies the conditions on the spot before allowing you to sign the contract. If necessary, it must include something that you as a layman did not know and did not state. I: The size of the conveyor and the exact number of helpers can only be determined during a field inspection.

Who pays damages?

Removal companies have insurance policies that insure goods for removal from theft, loss, and damage – for the time for which the removal company is responsible. Relocation services are legally liable with 972.93 dollars per cubic meter of cargo. This often affects the current value of the item rather than the new value. Transportation is not always included. If in doubt, insist on securing the transportation of the precious cargo. You have to bear these costs because it is an additional service. If an employee of the relocation company is injured during your relocation, he is insured by the relocation company.

If you have transported art objects, valuable pieces of furniture, or musical instruments, the issue of damage is even more sensitive than transporting a simple wardrobe. You should make sure that the moving company you order not only has the expertise and technical equipment to handle these things and avoids damage but is also adequately insured. Feel free to ask if you are unsure. A professional relocation service will understand your concerns and provide you with insurance for these special moves. If the sum is not enough, it can be increased for your case as well.