On this page, we explain to you how the costs of plumbers are structured and how you can hire a cheap plumber per day or per hour.

When an assignment takes more time than initially thought, it is annoying when you have to pay more money.

This becomes even more annoying when you are confronted with a high hourly rate from a plumber.

That’s not the way you want to use the services of a plumbing company, is it? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this with us.

In addition to offering you competitive hourly rates (plumber costs), we can also make clear price agreements with you about the working hours and record these on paper. Want a quick price indication?

Cost per hour or per job

A cheap plumber is normally paid per hour, whether in an existing home or new construction, with an average hourly rate between $39 and $55 ​​per hour.

In some cases, fixed prices are also agreed upon per job. With us it is both possible, it just depends on what you prefer as a customer.

If you indicate this in your quotation, we will of course take this into account. In most cases, the actions below will be completed by a plumber per hour.

  • Unclog toilet
  • Detect Leakage
  • Unclog sink

If a fixed price agreement is made, this is often for the larger renovation jobs.

Please consider:

  • Have the bathroom installed
  • Install or move central heating pipes
  • Replace and install boiler
  • Install underfloor heating

Would you like to know exactly what the average cost calculation is for having your job carried out? Request a quote without obligation and quickly receive a competitive price indication from our plumber!

How are the prices calculated?

The cost of a plumber that can be calculated depends very much on the work that has to be done. The number of kilometers driven to a job is also an important aspect.

The costs of an average plumber are between 39 and 55 dollars per hour, this is an average price for the hourly rate.

In addition to the hourly rate, a plumber can also calculate the call-out costs per 10 cents per kilometer. It is also possible that the plumbing company charges standard call-out costs.

The average price of this is around 39 dollars depending on the number of km that has to be driven.


The activities that are often carried out by the professional per hour are: Placing a shower tray or placing a shower screen, so the smaller jobs.

But a plumber is of course indispensable for a complete renovation of your home. Just think of the bathroom and all sanitary facilities.

The installation of gas and water connections is also taken care of by a plumbing company.

A plumber can also take on a job in its entirety and offer you a fixed price. The most frequently performed work is, for example, solving a roof leak or having a new central heating boiler installed.

Urgent job or not?

If you urgently need a plumber, this can of course affect the total price. If you suffer from a leak, you will of course want to call in a plumber as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that a plumber will charge a little more than the normal rate.

A small plumbing company with 1 or two plumbers is always cheaper to hire than knocking on the door of a large company.

In addition, the weekend rates are many times lower at a smaller company. We give you 3 good saving tips below to reduce the costs of plumbers:

  • Choose a plumbers near you
  • Offer help so that you take some work out of the plumber’s hands
  • Do not immediately choose the first best plumbers and compare a few quotes

Because we work with our own team of professionals in permanent employment, they all receive a fixed salary.

You benefit from this in the form of a low hourly plumber’s rate. Quality, service, but also good agreements are of paramount importance to us.

At the Plumbers-Expert you never pay too much. Not for the hourly rate, but also not for the materials.

Why so cheap?

Why are our plumbers so cheap? The reason for the low costs that we charge is the fact that we work perfectly and therefore never have to come back to a job because we did something wrong.

This is the direct reason that we can work at a very competitive rate.

This also guarantees you quality work. Of course, you will receive a good guarantee of the work that our plumbers perform. So do you want to hire cheap plumbers?

Then choose the Plumbing Expert.

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