reform a bathroom

A tile is cracked, the 40-year-old bathtub is uncomfortable to use, the drain doesn’t drain well, and sitting on the toilet is like sitting on a stone in the woods. These are the symptoms that you should get down to work and fix the bathroom. Don’t worry if you’re not a top-notch plumber like Complete shower seal. In this post we explain how to reform a bathroom in an easy way.

The bathroom is one of the most damaged rooms in your home. The humidity and the continuous use of each of its elements are the keys to this wear. That is why it is a good idea to renew your bathroom every few years. Not necessarily all the elements, although you can always check details, such as joints and small flaws. Or change the decoration.

If you are imagining yourself with a tool in hand and not knowing what to do while the flood that you have caused in the bathroom is spreading throughout the house, it is normal. We are not all handymen. However, if you follow the simple steps that we are going to share with you, you will have no problems.

“How to reform a bathroom without works is simpler if you identify the drainage points well”

Steps to follow to reform a bathroom

The first thing: measure the stay. Before touching anything in the humid area of your home, it is better to have a clear space and a sketch with a clear perspective and measurements. How to reform a bathroom without works is easier if you identify well the drainage points (bathtub, toilet and bidet, if you keep this invention so little useful) and the cold and hot water outlets of the sink and shower.

The second thing: think carefully about what you want to reform. Your ambitions will depend on whether you can do the renovation on your own or need to hire the services of Complete shower seal or any other professional. The reform of a bathroom has the following 5 elements on which you should meditate:

  1. The toilets: the sink, the toilet, the bidet and the bathtub or shower tray.
  2. The tiling: either to cover all the walls or only the area of the shower tray.
  3. The pavement: made of all kinds of materials, whether ceramic, slate or concrete.
  4. The false ceiling: it depends on the height and the installation of the toilets, but it is advisable to have it to protect the cables and the ceiling from humidity and steam.
  5. Furniture: the usual accessory to store in the bathroom.

Are you already sure what you want to renew? Well, it is time to make a detailed list to know what you have to buy in the stores specialized in building materials or in the most popular internet portals. And get to work.

reform a bathroom

“The reform of a bathroom has 5 elements on which you must meditate”

If some of the tasks still seem too complex or you don’t feel like getting into complications, we share with you 6 tricks to reform a bathroom without works:

  1. If you don’t want to tile, you can always paint the tiles. There is a special paint for tiles that can completely change the design and appearance of the room. It is applied like any other paint and you have a large number of colors.
  2. Install the familiar vinyl tile for showers and bathtubs. These are the areas with the highest humidity, so it is a good idea to adapt these tiles for the tiles where water splashes. This will protect the wall and give this area of the bathroom a renewed image.
  3. Vinyl tiles on the floor. Renewing the floor is a radical change in appearance and it is a good trick to reform a bathroom. In the market you can find vinyl tiles of many different designs and you just have to place them on top of the old floor.
  4. Have you thought about the lamp? A small change in the light source in the bathroom can change the overall decor. It’s time to get rid of that crystal wall lamp that looks like an ashtray. Choose a white light, which is very effective for putting on makeup.
  5. Bet on functional and easy-to-assemble bathroom furniture. The renovation will be more than showy. The only challenge may be in the installation and connection of pipes. Don’t worry, the internet is full of very simple tips and tutorials to do it.
  6. And think about add-ons. Although a bathroom is a functional room, you can always decorate it. Add some candles or a plant, accessories that do not disturb but give a personal touch.

How to renovate a bathroom is simple with a few small actions that are neither too difficult nor expensive? And without needing to be an expert. If this post has helped you, we encourage you to share it on social networks so that it can be of use to others. And if you are going to tell the world about your reform, start here.

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