Your bathroom needs renovation, but it’s hard for you to get down to it? We understand you perfectly – the thought of the omnipresent dust, noise, and other nuisances would scare many. So we rush to the rescue and present a few tips that will make the work less complicated and the bathroom will undergo a real metamorphosis.

First, prepare an action plan – a well-thought-out concept is half the battle. Think about the style in which you want to arrange the bathroom, what solutions are missing in it, what you want to invest in, and prepare a preliminary cost estimate based on that. If the renovation is carried out reliably and accurately, the new bathroom will please the household members even for the next several years.

The choice of a construction team is particularly important – professionals will not only turn the project into reality but also advise on the choice of materials. When looking for professionals, ask your friends for advice and browse the Internet – by sending many inquiries, you will finally find the most advantageous option for you.

Also, remember to buy all the necessary products in advance – an insufficient number of tiles or waiting for a bathtub with special dimensions will delay renovation works.

When is the best time to start the renovation? At the earliest at the turn of March and April, i.e. at the end of the heating season. Positive temperatures favor airing the room and ensure greater comfort of work, and the switched-off heating does not hinder the works.  

Renovation: Bathtub or shower?

The above question is one of the biggest renovation dilemmas. And if you have a choice, this is already a big advantage of your bathroom. Sometimes, however, the dimensions of the interior are too small and we do not have much room to show off here – the only possible option is a shower. By choosing a corner model, we will make the best use of the available space.

If the size of the bathroom offers more arrangement options, it is worth considering installing a walk-in cabin. Its space is separated by fixed shower walls, which you can install at your own discretion, and if you have a large enough bathroom – give them up completely. Our next proposal is a double-folded cabin – when not in use, its door folds and adheres to the walls. This way you have more space at your disposal.

An important question that you must ask yourself here is: a cabin with or without a shower tray? There is no one right answer because it depends on the needs of the household. If you have small children, the version with a paddling pool that will play the role of a mini-bath will be more suitable for you. The shower without a threshold, in turn, looks very modern and is an ideal solution for the elderly and those with mobility problems.

If you are a lover of long baths and have a spacious interior – choose a hot tub. A free-standing bathtub on elegant legs will also be very effective. Wow, effect guaranteed!

One of the most popular solutions used in the bathroom is ceramic tiles. Forging them, however, is not very pleasant and time-consuming, and you want to carry out the renovation without generating unnecessary inconvenience. We have a great solution for you – reach for Ceramin NEO 2.0 Vario composite tiles, which are light, waterproof, and – attention – intended for installation on the current cladding. Isn’t it convenient? Forget about noisy trimming – cut the tiles with a wallpaper knife and stick with glue (without filling the joints). As you can see, a bathroom can get a whole new look in a very simple way.

Renovation: What kind of lighting to use?

The bathroom is usually darker than in other rooms, so pay special attention to the type of lighting – especially if there are no windows in the interior. In addition to the standard ceiling lamp, it is worth opting for additional spotlighting, thanks to which you will brighten every corner. Also, do not forget about the additional lamp above the mirror. If your bathroom has shelves or glass cabinets, consider also installing LED strips – it is a cheap and easy-to-use option that will add charm to space.

If it is difficult for you to imagine how your bathroom can present itself after a metamorphosis – see our gallery and get inspired!

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