Roller Doors

Particularity for which it receives its name and constitutes it as a category is the property of wrapping itself around an axis and on itself. The axis is located above the roller doors and can be slightly offset towards the inside or outside of the gate.

As you will see,  roller doors, shutters or roller shutters are an enormously versatile product, for which we have developed a  wide range of models.  

For ease of searching, you can go to the first section, where it is defined which models of roller doors are suitable for each of the functions. Once you know which models suit your need, you can move on to the second section to learn about them in more detail.

Will I be able to install roller doors?

As we said, this type of enclosure is optimal for a multitude of different applications. With the great advantage of requiring minimum space for its arrangement

By folding in on itself, few models of metal gates can compete with this enclosure in terms of the space required, since it will be enough to just allocate a height of about 30 or 40 cm above the enclosure. Being able to be hidden in a false ceiling, behind a poster, or simply in a drawer installed by us. If you did not have this 30 cm at the top, perhaps you could find a solution in the crossbow door.

  1. Roller doors according to function

Below are the most commonly used roller doors for different functions. Once you have found the type of use you want to give the door in this section, you can move on to the next section, where you can locate and learn about each of the roller doors models in detail.

Roller doors models

1. Rolling Steel Doors

A  metal steel gate is especially suitable for large openings, which we find especially in industrial environments.  This is due to the fact that it is a less flexible material than aluminum, which is why it can support a greater weight produced by its own size of the sheet. Our doors, both aluminum and steel, have been certified as anticyclonic, supernate, and obtaining the maximum certification.

Basic articulated

This is our most economical enclosure. A model that has proven its reliability over the years. It is suitable for small shops or to close large openings. The profile is slightly wavy, forming an overall composition with an elegant finish. The thickness of the slat is 0.6 millimeters, making it our thinnest or thinnest blind.

Tube or Rod

This type of roller doors is especially suitable for shops. The sash is made up of steel tubes that allow great visibility through itself, which will favor the exposure of the shop window even when the blind is down. In addition to this, they provide great ventilation to the trade.

The tubes of this roller shutter are equipped with a galvanized anti-corrosion treatment to give it great durability and resistance to the elements. If you are interested in maximizing the protection of your business with added security, this is your door, since it is equipped with anti-lever guides, which make it difficult to derail the blade, which hinders its vulnerability and protects it from theft.

Technical characteristics:

  • Anti-lever guides
  • tubes of 14mm diameter and 1.2mm thickness
  • Available in all colors and galvanized

Additional features:

Tubes with tempered steel cable and braided inside for greater security and resistance to attempted robbery with shear.

It can be found in two models:

– Corrugated tube


This is the highest quality steel roller doors. In this range it consists of 3 types basic, which also allowed everyone a lot of variations. Starting with the common characteristics of this roll-up gate, it should be mentioned that the slat is absolutely flat, so the final finish is a sheet of exquisite aesthetics, which allows a magnificent labeling, in addition to facilitating cleaning, preserve it impeccably. 

It can be used both for the enclosure of garages, as shops, or large openings in industrial spaces. It has been tested in tests with 14 meter wide doors and 130 km / h winds.

2. Aluminum and Polycarbonate roller doors


This is a roller doors that is highly resistant to corrosion, impact, burglary attempts and environmental factors. Another characteristic of this metal door is that it is very silent, that is, the noise produced in its roll. It is also equipped with polyamide skids to avoid friction, wear, and noise generated in the contact between guides and leaves.

It can be purchased blind in the case of not wanting the passage of light through the sheet. Otherwise, you could decide between micro-perforation and die-cutting with or without polycarbonate. It is also a very clean door, as the slat is slightly concave, interspersing slats and connecting rod axles.

Additional features:

-Double wall

Double-wall means enormously increase the level of security since two successive leaves are arranged that result in a single double leaf. Besides being safe, it has a very aesthetic result, since we get the door to have the same appearance from the inside as the outside.

– Double wall filled with injected polyurethane for maximum thermal insulation, breaking the thermal bridge

– Solid padding inside the double wall to turn it into a bulletproof armored door


This enclosure is more properly a blind, since its slat is lower in height, which allows less space in the winding, which ensures that it can also be used for windows, if you are looking for the highest quality in security windows, even being able to be armored.

It is very silent, and one of its most notable features is the small space it occupies once rolled up. It also includes a lockless system that prevents the possibility of violation. Includes Nylon skids to reduce friction between blade and guides, and the possibility of being stamped for greater ventilation.


It is the highest range in roller doors. The best quality aluminum slat, with the possibility of combining slats with polycarbonate visors, blind slats, micro-perforated slats in the same leaf. 

Being able to provide the rolling door with different functionalities in the different heights of the leaf. Fully customizable and unique doors, resistant, safe, and beautiful. They also include the possibility of motorizing it to make this an ultra-fast door.

One of the peculiarities and virtues of this model is that blind, micro-perforated, and stamped slats with or without polycarbonate can be combined on the same door at different heights of the door. 

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