The concept of shutters is associated with the attribute of a medieval house to protect the window from the sun and bad weather. But it should not be considered an archaic relic of wooden architecture. Modern self-made shutters for windows of cottages and country houses or technological industrial designs can be considered multifunctional structures. Moreover, they will undoubtedly become the most spectacular and memorable element of the architectural exterior or stylish decoration in any interior.

Features of shuttered windows

Evolution has significantly transformed the outer blind sashes for the window. Now, these are multifunctional protective structures with good decorative properties. This is no longer a solid wood massif, tightly covering the opening.

Variants of shutters offered and available for self-production surprise with a variety of materials used, types and forms of execution, functionality, a choice of various actuators, locks, latches, and other accessories.

Functional purpose

Any country or suburban private house, the windows of which are distinguished by installed shutters, receive comprehensive protection. Here is a list of functions and tasks that this simple construction for a window can handle:

  • Anti-vandal protection and a barrier against unwanted entry into a private house.
  • Protection from ultraviolet radiation and bright sunlight.
  • Additional thermal insulation in winter, a barrier to hot air in summer, protection from wind, noise and precipitation – all year round.
  • Stylish decor element.
  • Screen from prying eyes.
  • An alternative to unaesthetic and bulky metal grilles that make the view from the window dull.
  • Replacing fragile blinds.

Window shutter material

Window shutters can be made from different materials or combinations thereof. The technical parameters and characteristics of the raw materials are transmitted and affect the performance properties of the final products. Let’s consider what can be the raw material for the manufacture of shutters.


Wooden shutters are timeless classics. Natural material, especially with elements of skillfully made carving, always looks presentable and successfully emphasizes the rustic style of a country house. Log cabins and buildings made of timber lose much in appearance without such decorative elements on the windows.

Disadvantages of natural raw materials:

  • Wood will not be a major obstacle to targeted burglary.
  • The high cost of wood species that are resistant to drying out in the heat and swelling from moisture (oak, larch, ash, juniper, thuja).
  • Low fire resistance.
  • Requires regular maintenance and periodic surface treatment with paint and varnish or protective compounds.


In the production of window protection, sheet, corner, and various profiles of ferrous metal, galvanized and stainless steel, aluminum can be used. Metal structures are suitable for houses that are unattended for a long time. This is reliable anti-burglary protection, especially if there are safety locks as internal locks.


These shutters are similar to blinds due to the presence of horizontal slats. They are lightweight, easy to install and fasten, and resist wind and sun with dignity. The main advantages of the material:

  • Does not require protective treatment or painting.
  • Not afraid of atmospheric influences.
  • Affordable price.
  • Low weight.
  • Compatibility and the ability to attach to any other material.
  • Doesn’t require expensive and frequent maintenance.

The main disadvantage of plastic is low strength. Another disadvantage is the limited choice of textures and colors.

Varieties by type of construction

A variety of design solutions allows you to choose shutters specifically for solving specific tasks or based on the customer’s preferences. Products offered on the market can be permanent and removable, indoor and outdoor, perform several functions or some specific (for example, serve as an alternative to the sun awning). Commonly used designs are as follows.


The classic design of this type consists of a frame fixed in the window opening, on the vertical canopies of which a sash is hung. Shutters with one or two symmetrical sashes can be made to fit the size of the window, which can be easily opened (swung open) and transferred back to the closed position.

Swivel shutters

This is a more complex and most functional version of swing shutters, in which the shutters can be folded like an accordion, and each leaf can be adjusted in terms of light transmission due to the possibility of turning the built-in type-setting lamellas. Swivel products can have an external and internal (lightweight) design. With their help, it is easy to regulate the opening area of ​​large panoramic windows.

Sliding systems and sliding shutters

Externally, these shutters in the closed position can be mistaken for a swing option. A significant design difference – instead of hinged hinges, the sashes are hung and moved along the guide profile thanks to the roller mechanism. The sash moves away from the window opening along the wall surface. For a large-area window, two sashes are displaced in opposite directions.

This leaves the entire window open. It is possible to use components that help to move the shutters one by one according to the principle of the sliding wardrobe. This option is convenient for outdoor and indoor compact arrangement. But its disadvantage is that one of the sliding canvases will always cover part of the window opening, preventing the room from full natural light.

Lifting: roller shutters and shutters

Everyone is familiar with this type of window protection. Continuous rigid protection is used at retail outlets, to protect windows of industrial, utility and office buildings. The working blade in these products consists of thin lamellas (steel or aluminum) or fabric (in sun protection systems), collected in a roll.

Opening and closing of roller shutters occurs due to the sliding movement of the sheet of metal plates along two side guides. The drive can be manual or mechanical.

The steel lamellas are powder-coated, therefore they are resistant to corrosion and have a perfect surface. Such systems are effective for any type of protection, are reliable in operation, and can be installed by yourself. Other pluses: reasonable price, ease of maintenance, choice of colors. There is only one significant drawback – roller shutters cannot be considered a full-fledged decorative element of stylish facades.


Such shutters can be considered an improved model of other types – swing, sliding, swivel. If the owners plan to spend enough time in the country, the shutters that perform only anti-burglary or anti-burglary functions (often massive and unaesthetic metal products) can be removed and stored in utility rooms until departure. Another convenience is related to the simplified maintenance and painting of the removed parts.

Visor shutter

The function of a sun canopy with a possible adjustment of its slope and area is the main purpose of this type of device. The shutters can have various colors and decorative shapes, their sash is made in the form of a solid or folding sheet. In demand in southern and sunny regions.


From the name it is clear the location of the shutters relative to the window. Usually these are products that replace blinds and curtains, emphasizing the design in a particular style. They are made of wood, thick decorative cardboard, plastic. But there may be metal sliding grilles designed solely to protect against entry into the house. One of the advantages of internal shutters is the ability to adjust without going outside.

Shape and size

These parameters of the purchased or manufactured structures depend on the corresponding dimensions of window frames and openings, as well as on the functions assigned to the shutters. Industrial manufacturers are guided by standard window dimensions. When working independently and ordering from private firms, you can receive products with individual parameters.

Single leaf shutters

A small window is usually protected by one sash. The principle of its opening is determined by the type of construction. Of the options considered earlier, only internal decorative shutters are not suitable for full protection of a small opening of a country house. From the visor type, products with a solid metal or wooden canvas are suitab