technical inspection of buildings

A technical Inspection of Buildings is the review of a Building by a technician who indicates if it meets all the Safety and Habitability Standards. If the review is favorable, it is indicated in the Inspection Report and presented to the Housing Delegation of the Corresponding Community.

If the Technical Inspection of the Building is not favorable, the Technician indicates it in his report, but he will also indicate that repairs or works must be carried out so that the building is in conditions of Security and Habitability, in addition to indicating the term in which said must be carried out. performances.

Although they are presented in the corresponding Community, the Town Councils are responsible for their Control.

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What is the Technical Building Inspection?

The “Technical Inspection of Buildings” is a report with an opinion prepared by an optional technician, based on the visual inspection of the building, in the “Technical Inspection of Buildings” indicates the state of conservation of the buildings in order to keep them in safe conditions, public health and decoration.

Indicating the works and precise works to preserve or rehabilitate them, in order to maintain at all times the conditions of habitability or effective use, depending on whether it is a residential building, offices, or any other use that is given to the building.

It also informs us of the basic accessibility and energy efficiency conditions of the building, as well as the possible improvement of these.

What is seen in the Technical Inspection of Buildings?

It is a visual inspection carried out by the Technician, so you only see the general condition of the farm with all its elements and facilities

  • Facades and Patios: If they present any bad condition or detachments. It also looks if it has a lack of maintenance.
  • Covers: If you are present breaks or elements in poor condition.
  • Joinery: If they are broken or lack of sealing
  • Interior of homes or premises: We see if there are damp spots, cracks or fissures, or any indication that suggests that there is some pathology.
  • Common Building Installations: Electrical, Gas, Plumbing, Sanitation, Telecommunications … Of all the facilities that have been reviewed and observe if they present any deficiency that makes them unsafe or their correct operation.

In summary :

What is seen in the Technical Inspection of Buildings? It is visually any indication of pathology, breakages, lack of maintenance, or obsolete facilities to later reflect it in the Building Inspection Report.

Thus, the main objective of the “TECHNICAL INSPECTION of BUILDINGS” is to know the state of conservation of the building and thus:

  • Avoid risks and physical damage for the people who occupy the buildings in addition to those who are in their environment
  • Prevent more costly interventions or rehabilitation in the future.
  • Extend the useful life of the building by indicating the repairs of the building and its conservation.
  • Promote the improvement of accessibility and energy efficiency.
  • Mobilize the real estate market
  • Promote rehabilitation
  • Inform the buyer
  • Help with the rehabilitation and aid policy, know the extent of the sub-housing and the state of the built heritage.

Who is Obliged to Pass the “Technical Inspection of Buildings”?

All farms with more than 50 years old are required to pass the “TECHNICAL INSPECTION of BUILDINGS” by a qualified technician (usually ARCHITECT or TECHNICAL ARCHITECT).

What is the deadline to carry out the “Technical Inspection of Buildings”

The term to pass the “Technical Inspection of Buildings” is within 5 years after the building or property turns 50. And then every 10 years it must be renewed.

How to carry out the technical inspection of buildings? 

A competent qualified Technician (architect, technical architect) must be hired.

Building Inspection

Next, we are going to clarify some terms that are usually used when referring to the “Technical Inspection of Buildings”.

Technical Inspection of Buildings

It is a mandatory report and opinion that all buildings older than 50 years must pass periodically, which reflects the conditions of conservation of the property, a description of all the defects appreciated, their possible causes, and the measures and recommended execution periods to maintain the conditions of habitability or effective use of the building.

Contents of the technical inspection of the building:

Technical inspections will have at least the following content:

  • General condition of the structure and foundation.
  • General state of the building’s fa├žade, especially of the elements that could pose a danger to the public thoroughfare, such as overhangs, cornices, terrace bibs, plates, etc., and of the pathologies that may affect the integrity of the building, such as cracks, dampness, etc.
  • General state of conservation of facades, roofs and terraces.
  • General condition of the building’s facilities such as plumbing, electricity, sanitation network …
  • Document where the result of the technical inspection called “”Technical Inspection of Buildings FILE” is reflected.

Building Evaluation Report

It is a technical document that collects information on the general situation of the common elements of the building, in order to evaluate and establish the elements to be repaired, the intervention priorities, and where appropriate, the need for other complementary reports.

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