Engagement rings

For the bride, in addition to the wedding rings, there is another very important ring. The engagement rings . He is the one who receives when the boyfriend shows his love, asking him to become his future wife.It is interesting to know that the first engagement rings dates back to Roman times and its symbolism is that of a figure without beginning or end that symbolizes union and eternal love.

The Meaning Of The Engagement rings :

The Romans gave an anulus pronubus , an iron band that was given by the groom to the bride to seal the commitment between them.For their part, the Egyptians gave engagement rings to their women as a sign of confidence that they would be good wives and housewives. In ancient Egypt, the engagement rings was worn on the left ring finger , which meant that the woman’s heart belonged to the person who gave her the ring.This is because of the idea that a vein passes through this finger and is directly connected to the heart.

Diamonds For Engagement rings :

The tradition of handing over a engagement rings begins in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Habs burg gave a diamond ring to his future wife, Mary of Burgundy.The solitaire diamond engagement rings reflects the groom’s endless and pure love and the bride’s purity and innocence.When making a declaration of love, the diamond is ‘the most’ because they say that diamonds are forever, that’s why it is the perfect symbol of love between a wedding couple, a symbol of strong and true love.

When Choosing A Diamond, There Are 4 Important Elements To Consider:

  • The cut: There are different ways to cut a diamond and that influences the sparkle. The cut that produces the most flare is the “round” cut.
  • Carat: Higher carat ratings generally mean bigger and more expensive diamonds.
  • Color: A transparent or colored diamond? The color of diamonds varies considerably and most people prefer a white diamond for an engagement ring.
  • Clarity:  Because diamonds form naturally, there are imperfections in almost all of them. The less imperfections there are, the greater the clarity and the more light will be reflected from the diamond. Naturally, a greater clarity increases its value of the stone.

Meanings Of Gemstones In Engagement rings :

Engagement rings have a stone that symbolizes strength and purity and the most common gemstone in an engagement ring is the diamond that represents perfection, firmness and uprightness. But there are other possibilities:

  • Sapphire is the stone of success, truth and wisdom.
  • The ruby ​​symbolizes confidence and intelligence.
  • The emerald is abundance, balance and drives away negative forces.

On the other hand, a single stone means the union of two in one. But there are also three-stone engagement rings where each signifies each stage of the couple’s relationship: “I have loved you, I love you and I will love you.”

Colors also have their meaning in ring.Taking into account the most chosen colors, the stones in pink tones mean clarity for the themes of the heart, the white ones calm and tranquility, and the blue ones mean close ties and bring happiness and well-being.

Engagement rings

And The Shapes Of The Stone Are Another Aspect To Consider :

  • Round . For a classic and elegant bride. The diamond with this cut shines much more.
  • Square. It combines the classic and the modern, being more youthful without detracting from its romanticism.
  • Oval Increasingly fashionable, it is something different, which stylizes the shape of the hand.

The Material Of The Engagement rings Band :

The circular part of the diamond ring is usually gold, silver or platinum

  • Gold . Yellow and orange color, usually alloyed with another metal to give it more durability. Some people prefer the lighter yellow color of less pure gold, such as 14 or 10 carat gold, as the reflection of yellow will slightly stain the diamond.
  • White gold. It is gold alloyed with metals to give the mixture an off-white color and must be plated with another metal to give it a shiny, silver appearance.
  • Platinum . Hard, strong and naturally silver that will allow the brilliant to shine naturally without being affected by the color of the band.
  • Silver . It is the least common, but also cheapest. It is generally alloyed with another metal to retain its strength and shine.